Chuck Kaiton
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"Charles "Chuck" Kaiton" is the radio play-by-play announcer for the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League. He has been with the team since 1979–80 NHL season/1979–80 season, their first in the NHL while they were still the Hartford Whalers. He has never missed a game in the team's 34 years in the NHL; the franchise came over from the World Hockey Association in the same year Kaiton became their announcer.

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People think hockey is a hard game to understand. It's not. It's probably the easiest game to understand.

Instead of lecturing, I like to basically have them ask me questions, and I'll answer anything they want to know. Like what's the basic play of hockey? What's the object of the game? It's to create a two-on-one on the ice.