I understand that we're going to make physical errors - that's part of the game. However, we need to correct some mental errors we made. We were in the game and in position to win, but we just beat ourselves.

The kids hit the ball well today - in fact, if anything we might have been a little too aggressive at the plate. Jared and Ethan both had very good at-bats.

Give Orion the credit. Their kids played really hard. I like their team. They do a lot of things well. Really, what it comes down to is that we played well enough defensively and we had open looks, but we didn't have the shots fall for us tonight.

We play up tempo. The only drawback to it was that we didn't do a very good job of looking into the post. We settled too much off the dribble tonight.

We want to play Orion again. But we can't look past that first game. You have to respect that first opponent, no matter who they are.

Brian (Thompson) was a little uncomfortable out there throwing off the flat ground, and that helped account for all the walks we gave up. It's also the first game of the season, and we'll get better out on the mound. I saw some good things today from our pitchers and we'll improve on that.

We're going to have a tough road. If we get Knoxville, we have to play a team we have beaten twice this season. It is never easy to beat a team three times, especially a team as physical as Knoxville. And if we play them, it will be on their own floor.

It was unbelievable. ... They started two guys that normally don't start. They were up 10 on us just like that.

In the first half and early in the third quarter, our defensive rotation was a little slow. Aledo has one of the most potent offenses in the Olympic Conference, but if your rotation is good, then they can be stopped. If your rotation is not good, then they will cause you a lot of problems, and that's what happened to us.