It's a tough row to hoe, but I wouldn't want to do it with any other bunch of guys.

Tonight we had a penalty on a kickoff and they decided to have us kick it over again.

The defensive kids, they were smacking; they were just hitting. They all played with a lot of heart. They gave us great field position, and we couldn't do anything with it.

What really killed us is when we were up 10-0 and it seemed like our defense relaxed, and they got the big play down the sideline.

I would say it's highly unusual, ... I couldn't tell you if it's ever happened. I'm sure there's been times when there were three, but four is ... Wow, that's pretty good.

It's not an excuse but it's a reason. I thought our kids gave a great effort. Our game plan, we did exactly what we wanted to do. We relied on our defense and our special teams. We wanted to make sure our offense didn't turn the ball over. We just didn't execute when it came time.

That's a great weapon.

The thing with Caleb is, in this day and age you don't see it, he has grasped and taken over the leadership of that team. They say that the quarterback is the leader of the team, but you can see that. Especially in our game where in that third and fourth quarter, he just took it on himself that he was going to will his team to win.

It's nice from the standpoint that we have respect from throughout the state.