It's not your first consideration, what my raises are going to look like. But once you realize, as a faculty member, that your pay is going to be quite stagnant, that the full professor down the hall is only earning sometimes less than you are, the writing is on the wall.

It implies that I, personally, am not terribly good at what I do, but it needs to be said. Across the system, you can't have a great group of faculty if you're the last pick.

That proportion of the faculty that are older is getting steadily larger. So you've got this big turnover in the newly hired faculty, and the rest of the faculty is getting older. Sooner or later ... you'll have to replace the older faculty.

We have confirmed that there was entry to our server by a hacker. Not all the accounts were affected. We know which ones were affected and we notified the customers and the issuing bank immediately after (we had) confirmation of the (security breach).