"Christine Smith" is the name of:

* Christine Smith (model) (born 1979), American Playboy model

* Christine Smith (politician) (born 1946), Former Labor member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly

* Christine Smith (skier), Olympic skier for Australia

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They were taking stuff out, going in the back door out the front door, in the shed taking a bunch of stuff.

It's not a new mine. We've never had a problem there.

There's been no budget or funding for it.

What I saw started three years ago, when I coached the varsity and the junior varsity. I have eight seniors and they know my system inside and out. They know what I want and they know how to work for it.

We realized we needed to have a permanent center. We were racking up easily about 200 miles driving from Bow to Blaine and out to Sumas.

We came together because we saw a need.