"Christine Loh Kung-wai", Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire/OBE, Justice of the Peace#Hong Kong/JP, is Under Secretary for the Secretary for the Environment/Environment in Hong Kong.

She is a former Legislative Councillor, founder and CEO of Civic Exchange, founder of the Citizens Party (Hong Kong)/Citizens Party, and founder of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor.

Until her appointment as Undersecretary for the Environment, Loh was CEO of Civic Exchange, the Hong Kong think tank that she co-founded in 2000. She was named "Woman of the Year for 2006" by Hong Kong Business. She has worked in many areas, including law, business, politics, media and the non-profit sector, but is best known as a leading voice in public policy in Hong Kong, particularly in promoting democracy and environmental protection. She has long been associated with the campaign to save Hong Kong's Harbour from excessive land reclamation and overdevelopment.

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India is a very sexy market right now and I don't see why Hong Kong should not be much more ambitious to expand the market to serve other Asian companies as well.

We need to be part of the big national conversation, albeit as Hong Kong residents. We need to butt in, and we need to have something to say. In the end, this has got to be a battle of ideas.