"Christine Brown" is a politician and current municipal councillor in St. Albert, Alberta. She holds a Master of Economics/Master's in Economics and teaches the subject at Grant MacEwan College.[http://www.rewedmonton.ca/content_view2?CONTENT_ID=1378 Real Estate Weekly] She also runs an economic consultancy, CMB Consulting.[http://www.companylisting.ca/CMB_Consulting_Services/default.aspx CMB Consulting Services, St Albert, Alberta]

She was elected to St. Albert City Council in 2004 on her first attempt, becoming one of six councillors elected from a field of twenty candidates. Her activities in office have included an unsuccessful attempt to give low-income seniors a rebate on their property tax increase. In August 2007, she announced that she would not be seeking re-election.

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We are at our wit's end. We are trying to hold off until we get plans in place.

It is getting difficult to walk your kids to school safely every morning. Drivers park wherever they want and it is so dangerous when you are trying to cross the road.