I feel me and my brother were robbed.

I don't think either one knew the other was in the movie until they sat down at the table to do a read-through of the script. We're very excited for both them.

It is a wonderful competition that was set up to allow smaller countries like ours to compete on the International circuit.

What if the city makes it so difficult for us to do what we do that everyone gives up?

We have such an incredible opportunity to change people's lives. It might be something as simple as a child gaining self-confidence, or we were able to get a teenager headed down a whole different path, or someone just finding the path to better health.

There was not enough business. We took a big hit throughout the fall. We were losing too much money. There were people in the neighborhood who did not want us to come here because of our name. And it was hard to see us from the road because we were not allowed to put signs on the roadside.