Christian Church
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"Christian Church" is a term used by some to refer to the whole group of people belonging to the Christianity/Christian religious tradition throughout History of Christianity/history. With "Church" capitalized, the term does not refer to a Church (building)/building. Others believe the term "Christian Church" or "Church" applies only to a specific historic Christian institution (e.g., the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Oriental Orthodoxy).

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[n Third place in the news category went to Catherine Kavanaugh and Christy Strawser for a series titled] Church breaks gun laws ... consistently good, thoughtful coverage of a sensitive issue.

Remembrance, Appreciation and Hope.

We are here to remember just how special they were to us.

I was preaching to the people at the Superdome because they were only looking after themselves, not after each other, and I told them, 'God wants you to help each other. You have to help each other or you will all die.'

Nice to see you.

I told the people a lot of these terrible tragedies that happen, it's impossible for us to understand because we're not big enough in our minds.

Praying with Humility, Praying with All Your Heart and Praying with Confidence.