I have had days when it was 35 degrees and sunny and people are bundled up on the deck like it's a football game.

Boats are historically a very safe mode of transportation, ... Those boats on Lake George - both large and small - have run together every day for 30 years. It sounds to me like it was exactly the wrong combination of events that led to an unpredictable accident.

It was such a rare occurrence. People are going to search for a solution to this, but I really don't think anything was wrong. It was a beautiful day; there were the correct number of people on the boat. They were doing everything right according to the regulations.

The main frustration we had with Sri Lanka was although they weren't imposing customs duties on goods that arrived, they insisted on customs clearance.

Effectively, what will happen is all of us running on these landlocked, inland protected lakes will be held to a higher standard than all the other boats in New York state that are operating on the ocean and the canal system and everything controlled by the Coast Guard. So it doesn't really make sense that the people on the most protected waters will have the toughest standards.

The reality is no one really knows when the foliage peak is.

Everyone is excited to see what rolls off the plane.

The standards we already have are very conservative and they're part of the reason the passenger vessel industry has been so safe over the years.