Sam had a great night. She comes to work every night.

It was a good week. We played pretty well. We're still a bit inconsistent and we still have too many turnovers, but the kids are playing hard.

Natalie played another good game on defense. It doesn't always show in the stats, but she does a great job on defense; she's very frustrating for opponents.

We're not playing 100-percent yet. We have work to do.

We haven't been playing well but we played a good first half.

The kids played very well in the first half. But we didn't play real well in the third.

We had 14 assists to go with our 21 field goals and that's pretty good.

We played pretty well. We had a very good first half, so I was pleased.

That's one of the things that I'm proud of. A lot of our baskets are coming off assists. The last game we had 16 assists. We had a nice team effort tonight.