"Christopher Keith Sampson" is an United States/American Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher. Sampson is 6'0". Sampson attended Texas Tech University, where he played for the Texas Tech University/Red Raiders.

Sampson originally began his professional baseball career in the late 1990s as a shortstop. After batting .239, and hitting only one home run during the 1999 season in Class A baseball, Sampson decided to retire since his chances of making the Major Leagues were slim due to his poor batting stats. In the years following his retirement, he coached baseball for Collin College in Plano, Texas, just outside of Dallas, where he would frequently throw batting practice. It was then that he realized his potential as a pitcher.

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Defensively, we played with a purpose in the first half. Our kids took advantage of what Eminence gave us in the first half. Our seniors were focused on this game and getting the Powder Keg back.

I was tickled to death with how we played in the first half.

It feels great. The kids made some big plays at the end.

Sam (Brooks) played a really nice game. He has steadily improved as the season has gone on.

They physically wore us down. Their experience and strength took over. They have nice athletes who are competitive, tenacious and well-drilled.

As the science shifts, the work force needs shift. We need to be working with the education community to make sure they're preparing students to meet our future needs.

It was like it was two different games.