Chris Norman
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"Chris Norman" is an English soft rock singer. Norman was the lead singer of Smokie (band)/Smokie, an English glam rock band from Bradford, which found success in Europe in the 1970s.

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Anytime you can get a win against a team like this, it's special. I thought both teams played outstanding. The kids just played hard, and I'll bet there will be a lot a sore kids in the morning.

The opening drive in the second half was a big key. Darryl Montgomery did an outstanding job of reading the option.

Our kids were able to hang on to it at the end. I went up to Arsenio and told him 'everybody in the stadium knows you're getting the ball, just hang on to it.' That's not the time to get real fancy.

We've just got to go up there and play well, no matter who we've got.

I'm sure both of us would like to come out with a win, but it's a long season. I just hope our kids come out focused.

Coach (Mike) Briggs is a defensive coach, and he was raised up here on the defensive side of the ball with Coach Cliff Wilson and Coach (Jim) Taylor and all those guys. He knows defensive football, so there'll be adjustments made.

Our offensive line did a good job and we had Mitch Bridges back this week. I also thought our defensive front seven did the job. Our linebackers played a lot better this week than they did in the second half and were able to hold a good running back like (Darryl) Vereen down (to 49 yards).

My hats off to our sports medicine staff. They've done a great job of getting them back together and the doctors that we're working with have been great. We held them out an extra week, and that's a good thing, because we need them to be ready.

When you're trying to build a schedule with six non-conference games and play good competition, these are games you need to play. If we go up there, play well and don't get beat up too bad, it was a good trip. If we don't play well, get beat all up and lose the game, then I guess it was a bad trip.