As I've said before, this is a tough way for a young team like we have to start the season, but that's the schedule and we have to face it, ... But I think in the long run, it'll make us a better team.

They pretty much wore us down with numbers, ... And it could be just as difficult this week.

Great, now I have to see that kid for three more years.

I'll tell you. If Arturo ever wants to go into coaching, he can be on my staff anytime.

This is a very good team and you almost question why they're in this league.

Pratt really stepped up tonight and filled in for Arturo, who I know was dying to get in the game, ... But guess who's been working with Pratt to get him ready to play? Arturo.

We will do all we can to win now, ... And we've got a bright future.

If Ryan doesn't make all-league, there's something wrong, ... He puts everything into every play.

They're big and physical, ... But I tell the team that it doesn't matter how big a team is because on any given night, any team can be beaten.