We couldn't contain Dean. A couple of times we played very good defense on him, and he made really hard shots.

I think that the position they are in right now, McAllister is kind of the main guy who can score on his own. If you can concentrate on him or he struggles at all, they have a harder time scoring.

At times, they would go on scoring runs, which we haven't really had. We hadn't given up a significant scoring run, I think, all season.

He was excited about it. He really liked the idea [of me coaching], I think. I don't know if he thought it would wear off.

That's something Bush obviously has to deal with. He has not dealt with the McCain question.

It's so hard for them. You really have to feel bad.

When you're questioning your effort, you know you have a lot of work to do.

After it's sewn up, its safe to vote for the odd candidate in order to make a statement.

We were not good, and unprepared, I guess, and emotionally not ready. They were so much more aggressive to the ball. Something that has been a staple of ours, our defense, just let us down tonight.