The whole concept is just to give (children) activities, let 'em go wild.

It's a very skeleton indictment, if you will. There's not really a lot of meat on the bone of this indictment.

We've got a lot of weapons for set pieces. If it is set up for Wyatt, his throw-in guns in there near post. It just happened to work this time.

There is a substantial and very obvious need for further U.K. port capacity.

Battle of Raymond Road.

Our research shows a growing acceptance of IP telephony and associated services. It also shows that end users of all sizes are looking increasingly to third parties to take the burden of management of services off their hands. Packaging the right combination of applications, connectivity and management is the key to driving this into the mainstream market.

It's a big stress reliever.

Anywhere you're standing around, time to kill is an advertiser's dream.

I've been reading about it in the paper. It definitely bothers me a little bit.