Chris Lang
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Undeniable (TV miniseries)/Undeniable(2014)

/period = 1993–present

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/occupation = Screenwriter, television producer


"Chris Lang" is a writer, actor and television producer/producer for United Kingdom/British television.

He has written for many British television series but is best known as the writer, creator and executive producer of Undeniable (TV miniseries)/Undeniable starring Peter Firth and Claire Goose, (April 2014), A Mother’s Son (TV Series)/A Mother’s Son starring Hermione Norris, Paul McGann and Martin Clunes (September 2012) which was nominated for a Broadcast (magazine)/Broadcast Award, and Torn (TV series)/Torn, starring Holly Aird and Nicola Walker, which was nominated for an Royal Television Society/RTS award.

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