"Chris Landry" is an American extreme skiing/extreme skier and avalanche/snow scientist. Landry made several pioneering ski descents of western mountains, including Pyramid Peak (Colorado)/Pyramid Peak, near Aspen, Colorado. In addition Landry founded the Spring Gulch Nordic ski area near Carbondale, Colorado and is the Executive Director of the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies in Silverton, Colorado.

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It's a good position because, even though you might think there's great value in the top six or eight players, there are some really good players who fall down to No. 16.

We tried to trade up all morning long. We couldn't do it. We just couldn't get a deal done.

We were going to give up a fourth-round pick just to move up one spot, we wanted him so bad. And all of a sudden, he fell right into our laps.