Kristin has a toughness and tenacity to her game, which makes her an option for us in the center of the field in either the midfield or the backline. Her calmness on the ball will serve her well in either position. If she is able to step in and show the same toughness for us, she will have an opportunity to see significant minutes.

Regan is a very tough and tenacious defender and should compete for playing time very quickly after her arrival on campus. She has good 1 v 1 defending ability and plays a very simple game, which does not often lead her to many mistakes. She is tough to beat, which can help us in the center of our defense and also has the versatility to play on the left side as a man marker.

I am proud of Michelle making the All-America team. This award is a great recognition for her and our program.

She is a great role model for our program because she does well in the classroom and on the field. We are really happy to have Michelle in our program.