Would I send Chris King to Des Moines or Washington, D.C., and feel secure in his ability to represent me (and his) ability to convey the information and the needs of this community and the ability to interact socially and professionally with our state and federal leaders?

We didn't mail notices just to businesses inside the city limits because there are others that may be affected by the tax if they currently lease in the city or possibly will in the future.

I got some work to do, ... I've got signs ready to go and I'll be talking to people.

Do perfect by everyone, but I think with me they (public) will get a candidate who believes in the community and who has worked the past four years to do the best I can to make the community better.

Who think Satan needs to be at City Hall.

If those jobs were back in the city of Burlington, I would no longer be in favor of supporting the lawsuit.

Now, I think about getting an education, getting a job and going to work.