I kind of sprained it a little but it feels pretty good. Hopefully, after a couple of days of treatment I'll be fine.

This sets us up to go in there and compete and get a win. We needed this very bad.

It has been a long time coming for us and we have worked hard. It is great to play in meaningful games like this. First place in the Big Ten feels good.

Things happen like that during the course of the season, and you have to adjust. Everyone has to adjust around the country, and we just have to do that and get better.

It gives you extra responsibility. Confidence comes with the hard work, and tonight we were a hard-working team.

It felt a little awkward, but it's not feeling too bad right now. It's feeling pretty good, so hopefully a few days of treatment and I can go back at it.

We had to get some things off our chest. We had to come together as a team. We had to get motivated and play harder. We knew we were a better team than we showed in the last three games.

There's no question that low salaries are affecting us. We manage to get some good people despite the salary levels because of our location, but that's not always the case.

I think the referees did a great job of calling fouls out there. They didn't let you do illegal things, pushing and chucking, when guys were trying to get position. We were aggressive in the second half. I think that's where it (the foul difference) really came from, penetrating, boxing out, getting guys to come over our back, going to the glass and just being more aggressive.