We decided to double instead of slowly grow. We're really excited for them to come.

I don't have any regrets in what I've done. I've tried to work hard every day and do what I can to help the team.

[Coach Morrill] has a great knowledge of the game. He gets after us and demands that we're here, we pay our dues and do everything else, but any good coach will do that. He's a good guy and he treats you fairly.

My body's had it. I feel like I'm a lot older than I am. I've lived my basketball life. I've enjoyed it and it's time to move on to what in my opinion are bigger and better things.

If the phone rings and I get the wave, off we go. We are taking it day by day.

Yeah, I have a lot of things going on. I've worked on trying to do one thing at a time. ... I try to focus on one thing at a time and put things in perspective, and it's helped. It's been busy and hectic, but for the most part it's been all right.

We came out really hard from the jump, but you knew there were going to be ebbs and flows to this game. We're a young team and we made some mistakes at crucial times.

It makes for an interesting day with late-night homework. I try and catch a nap here and there.

I'm just going out and trying to play my best and play within the team. I play to my strengths.