The knee is doing pretty good. I'm getting out there and battling with the guys everyday. It's really not a problem for me.

My family has been very supportive. My wife took time off of work to be with me during my surgery and is behind me all the way. As long as I follow my dreams and give 100 percent, she's going to be there.

It's killing me. I've got staff sitting everywhere. This year, I don't know what is wrong. Is it because there's no Lance?

I had the opportunity to do something by playing football, and I went for it. It was close to home, and I knew that by playing football I had the opportunity to make something of myself.

My mom was my biggest influence in life. She was there for me the whole time. When I wanted to drop out of school, she was there to tell me stories from her childhood to help me out.

Every semester my wife and I get together and develop a plan for the semester. We try our best to stick to that plan. If something unexpected comes up, we leave each other notes so we can know what each other is doing.