Nothing has changed. His arm is still the same. It's just like it was in January.

He was just telling me that he saw the game and he wasn't going to have none of that, it's going back to them old days. We made each other better, going at it every day. I had a little trouble with him in college. He was real physical. He had trouble with me in college because of my size.

You never imagine that an accident could happen and it would affect the lives of so many people. All of a sudden they had to start over from scratch.

We talked about it a little bit, just jawing back and forth. He was telling me that he saw the game (against Jacksonville) Sunday on TV and he wasn't going to have any of that. It goes back to those old days.

I will not say what I can do. You will all see. Everybody is going to see what I can do, and what my team can do.

I definitely have more respect for the hazards of nuclear power.

Billings sucks, dude. It's so far away, and everybody was coming from Missoula anyway, so it made more sense to do something closer to home.

I realized I made a couple mistakes on the field last year in college. I just think that comes from being young, you know? Everybody makes mistakes.

I was upset when I heard the news, but you can't be mad because I have a bunch of great guys in front of me on the receiving corps. I'm sitting back and observing to see how things are out there in the regular season. I did notice that (the pace) picked up a little bit from the preseason.