They were looking with media experience who knew how to shoot video tape, so I got lucky. It's a small agency so you pretty much get to know everybody. Our people are dedicated to what they do and I get to go on the air and talk about the work they do.

If engineering companies related to the students on Centennial Campus are here, it is a benefit for students.

You might have a better chance in the Truckee Meadows where there is existing, but rapidly disappearing (due to development) marmot habitat.

Congressman Simmons is a proud Republican and, while he enjoys a solid working relationship with Sen. Joe Lieberman, we look forward to a Republican candidate to run in the fall and expect to support the Republican ticket from top to bottom.

I wrote sports for the Sagebrush and even did some play-by-play for KNEV 95.5 FM, which was the first FM station to do games for Nevada.

Lieberman has high marks on Iraq but he is still very much a liberal and we are Republicans.

By now, I was supposed to be doing play-by-play for the Giants. I feel very fortunate. I have a fun job, I have fun hobbies. I even have a great wife and kids who talk to me.

It's not in the spirit of political discourse -- like, what [California Gov. Arnold] Schwarzenegger did ... was fun, he was making fun of himself and playfully toying with the opposition, it was harmless in a way, ... But their tone is, there's such a lack of humor, there's such a lack of subtlety, it's all so retro-60s stuff.