"Christopher Hale" is a former professional American football defensive back in the National Football League. Hale played college football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football/Nebraska Cornhuskers and the USC Trojans football/USC Trojans. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 7th round (193rd overall) of the 1989 NFL Draft. He played four seasons for the Buffalo Bills.

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The purpose of the expos is to match federal agencies and big companies with veteran-owned business. The secondary goal is to help promote policy, understanding and communication.

This gives the veteran-owned businesses a way to reach federal agencies and vice versa.

The event was a big success, it sold out, we had almost 400 people attend.

We've definitely grown up together living in the same neighborhood. We all met each other around the fourth grade, and we all started playing tennis when we were about 12 years old.