Will include various recommendations on how we can more efficiently and effectively serve an ever-growing number of families in need.

The addition of Max and Claudio to the Boyden network enhances our capabilities to meet the expanding needs of our clients in identifying and retaining top leaders in this important market.

While we are well known for our volunteers working tirelessly to build homes and provide a 'hand up' for low income families, that work is only possible as a result of the dedicated efforts of our Habitat affiliates in nearly 1800 communities in the United States.

I am going to get them all moved on Monday. We are arranging for trucks to remove all of them to secure storage areas.

We'll be building as many houses as we can, packing them in containers, and then having them taken to a staging area in the U.S. until they can be used.

We are tremendously grateful to Nissan North America not only for this donation, but for all they have done in support of the recovery effort.

With the tsunami, we realized that the first three or four months are slow: clearing debris, planning how to build on a large scale. We're proud that within one year, we've put 6,000 families back in homes.

He believed someone had slept in his bed. This suspicion was heightened when the deceased and Smith found a bag containing toiletries outside the homestead.