We've had some slow starts, but we were very ready to play tonight. Wade pitched it well, we played good defense, and we hit the ball. I was proud.

Billy wasn't in the lineup when we were at East Rowan Saturday, and he got a little upset with me. That's not a bad thing. He showed me tonight he really wants to be in there.

That's the most I can remember anyone striking out in all my time here. We didn't go to the plate with a mission, and we didn't make any adjustments.

Weston's been drawing walks, but he hasn't been hitting the way he can. Today, he got back to hitting line drives.

We talked about turning it up a notch with Zeb being out. I told the guys that Zeb would love to be out there with them, and they had to play hard for him.

I knew Weston had a no-hitter, but it wasn't a priority. The priority was to get a win and to get ready for two conference games this week. We got the win, and any win is a good win for us right now.

He actually got ahead of Church in the count. When we get two strikes on us, we try to shorten our swing and just put it in play. Ninety percent of the time when you do that, you're going to get a good, hard ball hit somewhere.

Northwest is too good a hitting team to take any kind of chance at all. We had to win. We knew we couldn't get down two games to them.

That's typical Moore on the mound. He gets better as the game goes on, and that was evident tonight. We made all the plays on defense, which kept us moving in the right direction.