To say [the losing streak] hasn't taken a toll mentally or physically, I'd probably by lying if I'd say it hasn't.

Obviously you don't want to go down in the record books that way. You put so much into a season, [then] the close losses frustrate you more. You put so much into the season, it consumes so much of your life and then it turns out like this.

We're not really looking for moral wins. We knew we could play with them. A lot of people might not have thought that, but we knew we were good enough to play with them.

When you're 0-10, we only have one place to go and that's up. You have to have some type of motivation to go out and play. We go into every game thinking we can win, man, even though we've had all these close losses.

We are not into moral victories. Even though no one else thought we could win the game, we believed we could.