"Brian Christopher Broad", usually known as "Chris Broad" (1957–) is a former English cricketer and broadcaster who currently serves as a cricket official. As an opening batsman, he played 26 Test matches for England cricket team/England and scored six centuries, together with 34 One Day International matches with a respectable over 40 average. He is known largely for his feats during the English cricket team in Australia in 1986–87/1986/87 Ashes series where he hit three centuries in consecutive Tests, and for his fiery demeanour at the crease.

Broad's children are both involved in cricket. His son Stuart Broad/Stuart is a fast bowler who, like his father, represents both England and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club/Nottinghamshire, while his daughter Gemma is a performance analyst with England's One-Day squad. Cricket correspondent Colin Bateman noted, "Chris Broad pressed the self-destruct button on a career that promised so much. His lack of self-control at the crease brought a sad end to his reign as England opener at the age of 30, when he should have been enjoying his prime years."

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Obviously they like batting with each other. They're the sort of people who enjoy being out in the middle and the challenge.

What England have got to do is continue to win. They've got a big winter with Pakistan and India, ... If they go to Australia in 18 months time having won all the series they've played, then clearly they're going to go with a great deal of confidence.

No excuse was offered by the captain.

You wouldn't say they were technically perfect but they're not too bad and they're able to get runs.

But you've still got to go out there and play. Australia won't ever be a bad side. They're always going to find good young batsmen and bowlers to come in. So we've got to do the same.

Australia haven't been put under pressure like this for a number of years.

Most other sides know what it's like when you're under pressure - you do make mistakes.

The England management have great confidence in Geraint Jones' batting. His wicket-keeping may leave a little bit to be desired but he does a job.