We missed a whole lot of easy shots in the first half. We talked at halftime, and I think that's when we really turned it around.

We didn't play as we normally do tonight. (The Panthers) played an all-around good game tonight. They are a really hard team to defend.

It was a quagmire. You just had to dig in and keep pushing.

It was an overall team (defensive) effort. The defensive line played great like always, the backers filled, and the secondary stayed on their coverage.

We were trying to force things too much. We were too impatient.

We were trying to do the right things. I just think we were trying to do them too impatiently. We had control, but it was kind of a slow-paced game. We never could kind of break free.

He's finally starting to get his shot down. He's one of the scorers we depend on.

The difference (Tuesday night) was (Venice) took advantage of the easy shots including foul shots and got a lot of second and third looks at the basket.

We were just kind of trying force things too much. We played the third quarter like we were behind. We were trying to force things in to early and not trying to be patient on offense.