Charlie Hunnam
FameRank: 10

"Charles Matthew" ""Charlie"" "Hunnam" is an English actor and screenwriter. He is known for his roles as Jax Teller/Jackson "Jax" Teller in the FX (TV channel)/FX series Sons of Anarchy, Nathan Maloney in the Channel 4 drama Queer as Folk (UK TV series)/Queer as Folk (1999), Lloyd Haythe in the Fox Broadcasting Company/Fox comedy series Undeclared (2001), Pete Dunham in the film Green Street (2005), and Raleigh Becket in the film Pacific Rim (film)/Pacific Rim (2013).

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I've got to tell you, he's a very nice, kind person, ... It's boring. He's just an absolute professional. He just comes, he's very professional, he's just very very nice and just a nice guy to be around.

He had most of those lads throwing up he was working them so hard, ... We did basic strength and fitness training for about two hours ... and then we'd start choreographing all of the fight sequences and then we'd go into the afternoon and rehearse and then go out in the evening and start drinking, which is probably why the next morning people were throwing up.

You can go outside and have a straightener on the cobbles with your fists or you can go shoot kids, ... I've encountered the direct aftermath of gang activity in Venice [Beach] with my mum, walking down the street, where we got caught for 12 hours, we couldn't get my car out, because two kids had been shot dead and one of them had landed with his head touching the tire of my car.

I think we all kind of thought those would be the most fun, the fight scenes. And they were the most challenging. Physically exhausting and complicated and kind of very specific and intricate, so they just took a long time to film. I think that we all thought that we'd get to set, have a punch up and we'd get it on film and be wrapped, but it wasn't quite like that.

There was a lot of craziness and madness on the set - a lot of energy and violence.