He's playing extremely well. His confidence has come full circle. It does help our team offense now that we have another scorer.

What we're trying to do is monitor the group as best we can, ... We had a group that was getting pretty rowdy and we needed to check it a little bit.

They got off to a good start. But, we didn't panic and we stayed the course.

They're ultra-quick, they're very aggressive?they led the league in steals?so that means you have to punch them in the mouth before they can punch you.

We haven't seen that often. We've been in so many nail-biters. Just to come in and hold them to 50 points, I really feel good.

When you are a stage in your program that we are at, winning on the road late in the season is huge. We have already won more road games this year than we did last year, so this was really big for us to come in here and get a win.

It was a veteran team making a veteran play. We were hoping for some things to happen. They were confident and made things happen.

He already paid his pittance to us long ago.

If he's not the best freshman in the conference, I want to know who is. He's been solid now for six games in a row.