"Charles Davidson" may refer to:

* Sir Charles Davidson (politician) (1897–1985), Australian politician

* Sir Charles Peers Davidson (1841–1929), Canadian lawyer and judge

* Charles Davidson (aviator) (1896–1936), British World War I flying ace

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Gold, copper and zinc have been moving strongly, but currencies have been more difficult for people. The largest (managed futures funds) focus on currencies, and that's been more difficult.

You get a kite, get it up in the air and then sit back in that chair, and your blood pressure will drop. It's a great way to relax.

We have invested in extensive blending, bagging and storage facilities, which allow us to meet the demand for bulk, mini-bulk and bagged product.

Many hedge fund strategies saw strong returns during the first quarter. Strong trends across a number of asset classes, low market volatility, and an increase in global M&A activity are among the key return drivers so far this year.

Equity market neutral managers had a good month with their growth and earnings revision factors the main drivers of performance.

Once we started playing hard defense we started scoring easy baskets.

I usually fly them about 200 to 300 feet in the air, and I've had them up there for two or three days and nights at a time. This time of year, though, I have to watch the weather reports, see if there is a storm coming in.