I have today reached the opinion that I don't think anymore that Hitler was bad, or that Milosevic was bad. Because the same media (International radio-stations like BBC, Voice of America, RFI, etc) that presented Hitler and Milosevic as criminals, are now presenting me and the Ivorian Patriots who suffer from the rebellion, like hangmen, though it is us who are suffering from the rebels.

We ask the Young Patriots to raise all the roadblocks and get off the streets.

We hereby wish to appeal to our friends in the various districts to remove the barriers.

[Koffi Annan is] a shame for Africa.

We too stupidly follow Gbagbo.

We must allow people to circulate and life to resume normally because we have just won a big victory. The International Working Group's decision has been cancelled and we are returning home.

The day I will see or I will feel the tensions is coming I will ask them to come back to the street again. But for the time being, I need silence in this country. I need peace. I want them to go back home and I will rely on them to respect what I did, and they will believe me.