When you play for so long, you see it's going to come to an end and you wonder, Is your talent diminishing? Is it a slump? ... He took me aside and told me there was a time in his career when he thought he'd never get another hit. He's certainly one of the better hitting instructors I've ever been around. But psychologically, he started me in the right direction again.

We're not trying to measure our success against the Little League, ... but we have the only league that has grown at a 7 percent clip. Our challenge is to keep on growing, and if that happens, we will have plenty more success and get plenty of attention.

This is our third year here, and we're building momentum each time, ... I think our World Series has found a home.

I don't want to think it's true. I'm in a state of denial.

It was an emotional night, an extraordinary moment, ... I wish Dad was there to touch and feel the stadium, but I think he might be with me now more than ever.

That's the result of the black cloud on baseball, ... Until it's rid of steroids, people are naturally going to think that.

This World Series isn't about crowning a champion. I think the kids will remember this as a life experience, ... Not everyone that plays baseball gets the chance to play in a big-league ballpark, but these kids get a feel for what it's like to play in Wrigley Field, what it's like to hit a ball off the Green Monster, how it feels to play at Camden Yards.

Shocked, surprised, just like everyone else. I hope there's a reason or an explanation.