We are unaware of any widespread complaints related to crew processing concerns. Because crews have their own lanes [at immigration and customs], oftentimes they move through more expeditiously than other travelers.

We do not have any intelligence indicating this type of attack is planned in the United States.

Significant milestone in that process.

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division found that the new identification requirements had no negative purpose or effect, nor is there any evidence, for that matter, that the voter ID requirements have a negative effect on the turnout of any voters.

We're reviewing the advisory system as part of a comprehensive review of the department . . . which will focus on improvements and adjustments that could be made to the system.

We are discussing a number of possible options with our international and private-sector partners that will allow us to achieve our mutual goals of enhancing security.

This information continues to be evaluated by the intelligence community.

The Department of Justice looks forward to presenting this important case before the court.

We do not have any credible or specific evidence indicating a possible attack of the kind seen in London.