"Brian Day" , is a physician in Canada who was the 2007-2008 president of the Canadian Medical Association and is known nationally for public and legal advocacy for reform of Canada's health care system to permit patients' access to private health care.

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It was definitely one of those deals where, in terms of urgency, the game meant more to their kids. Which is disappointing from our perspective.

It was good to get the win from our perspective but we were too undisciplined and had too many penalties. If we don't rectify that we'll be disappointed in the tourney.

He just made some huge saves for us in tough parts of the game. We were shorthanded quite a bit, and he was able to keep them off the board initially. We killed the penalties pretty well on the 5-on-3s. We limited them pretty well.

You just throw everything out the window what happened before. Everyone's back to 0-0. We have a pretty good idea of what they're going to do tactically and personnel-wise, but everything's back to square one.