Some time ago, we had shown schematically where we could put a wall.

If I were a drug trafficker, I'd choose this place.

This almost starts a new season, ... We've had our preseason and now we're going to the real season. The 0-3 is wiped out and our goal still is to win the league championship.

There are certain things we have to do, so we have to be ready to pay for it. We can't send a whole shift of police officers home in an effort to cut back on fuel costs.

We don't believe making replicas is the same as repairing the structures.

In one season, the number of cartons rejected for export because of fruit fly damage has halved from 8% to 4%, the lowest it has ever been.

The biggest thing for us, like always, will be blocking up front, ... We've changed a few things and we'll have a few new wrinkles.