Brian Barker
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"Brian John Barker" Order of the British Empire/CBE Queen's Counsel/QC (born 1945) is a British judge and the former Common Serjeant of London, the second most senior judge at the Old Bailey. Since 12 February 2013 he served as the Recorder of London, the senior judge at the Old Bailey.

Barker was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn in 1969 and was a leading criminal Barristers in England and Wales/barrister excelling as a prosecutor and a defender. He served as Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association. He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1990, and was appointed a circuit judge (UK)/circuit judge at the Old Bailey in 2000.

Barker was appointed as the 79th holder of the post of Common Serjeant of London (the second most senior judge at the Old Bailey) in 2005, succeeding Judge Peter Beaumont (judge)/Peter Beaumont QC. The Common Serjeant is an ancient office first recorded in 1291 with the appointment of Thomas Juvenal. Barker has since presided over trials including those of Umran Javed, the murderers of Jody Dobrowski, the murder trial of Rapping/rapper 'Crazy Titch', aka Carl Dobson, and the murder of Ben Kinsella. He succeeded Peter Beaumont (judge)/Peter Beaumont as Recorder of London (the most senior judge at the Old Bailey) in February 2013.

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When James was out, we put a lot of time into bolstering his weaknesses.

It was huge for James because whoever was winning, it was a huge disadvantage. If you are up a set, you are thinking about, ?what is going to happen if I win.? He was losing and he wasn?t thinking about winning at all -- he was thinking about getting back into the match. He decided we would make a couple of minor adjustments; standing a little farther back was one them. It also relaxed James.

Me and my friend voted for me as a joke.

James really showed me something. Because it was obvious watching him out there that he wasn't happy just getting to the Round of 16.

James really showed me something, ... When he got behind, I think even a year ago he would have probably started rushing a bit and, you know, panicking basically. I didn't see any panic in him at all.

Playing a lefty before you play a lefty, you couldn't have asked for anything any better. It is similar. He (Rusedski) is not as good of a vollier and doesn't have as big a forehand as Lopez, but they have similar styles.

We were both concerned about that. That was the single number one thing we talked about yesterday. We didn't talk about the Nadal match at all. All we did was talk about Robredo, and how hard it's going to be to play a top 20 player at the U.S. Open in the round of 16 after having all the attention and after having won at New Haven before he came here.

Mats talked to him a lot about momentum, about not trying to get it back all at once, ... I'm sure James heard Mats's words in his head.