Bobby Petrino
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"Robert Patrick "Bobby" Petrino" is an American football coach, currently the head coach at Louisville. From 2008 Arkansas Razorbacks football team/2008 to 2011 Arkansas Razorbacks football team/2011, he coached the University of Arkansas until his dismissal in the spring of 2012 Arkansas Razorbacks football team/2012 for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a female employee. He also coached the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League/NFL for part of the 2007 Atlanta Falcons season/2007 season; before his current stint, Petrino also served as head coach at the Louisville Cardinals football/University of Louisville from 2003 Louisville Cardinals football team/2003 to 2006 Louisville Cardinals football team/2006. Petrino spent the 2013 season at Western Kentucky.

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I'm sure we're going in to face a team that now has some confidence and will be fired up to play us.

This is the type of game that challenges a team's leadership. We can either come together or fall apart.

That's something I don't ever want them believing, that we're sitting out there as a target. I'd rather attack and be real aggressive. That's what I told them when I made them take them off. I've always been an offensive guy and I believe in attacking and going after people. That's why we got rid of them.

I was really happy with the way Michael ran at the end of the game because that is something we've been working hard on, getting the tough yards and the physical yards.

I don't know exactly what happened. That's something that you've got to look at the video and see.

Sometimes when you look at our season last year, as well as Brian played, it gets a little bit ignored because Stefan played so well.

But being able to rotate him in was something I was set on doing. I did not want to come into this conference - and have what's at stake - with a quarterback who'd never taken a snap. He's got great instincts, and he's got all the physical abilities to get it done.

I never thought it was a gamble. I thought it was unbelievable that here was a 15-year-old kid with those skills and that level of maturity. It was a great find.

At halftime Jeff was chewing him out in the hallway. So he's been coaching him for a long time.