The tendency of old age to the body, say the physiologists, is to form bone. It is as rare as it is pleasant to meet with an old man whose opinions are not ossified.

For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.

Many new teachers that we hire are actually ready to earn permanent status after their second year. Taking away from us the ability to award tenure to the best and brightest that we hire actually hurts us in recruiting highly qualified teaching staff.

It's been the fuel costs that have hurt farmers more than anything. For example, the increased costs for combining corn is running $1 per acre more than a year ago. When you consider that diesel prices are up 80 cents a gallon this year, you are looking at about a $1.60 per acre increase up to 1,000 acres sometimes. There has been as much as $1,000 increase, just on fuel over the last year.

I'm going to get everything that will blow away nailed down and get in the house and stay there.

With income from grain crops, farmers will have about a normal income. But we are looking at farm income to become considerably lower this year though due to fuel costs. There has been a $4.8 billion fuel increase for agriculture this year.

Of course it's dangerous.

On the one hand, we'd like to have the option of extending probation beyond just two years, but requiring us in all cases to take a full five years is extreme.

Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with.

We found the ladies who have lot of hands-on experience will pair with the ones who don't. And, sometimes the younger ones know more about computers and will pair with the older women.