"Robert Earl “Butterbean” Love" is a retired American professional basketball player who spent the prime of his career with the NBA's Chicago Bulls. A versatile forward who could shoot with either his left or right hand, Love now works as the Bulls' Director of Community Affairs.

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It's very destructive in terms of cost to the park.

There's an old windmill frame at Hope Camp and remnants of an old shack. There's also some old fence that was part of the camp.

I've known Isiah since he was a little poor boy on the West Side trying to sneak into the Stadium to watch me play, and I'd leave him tickets and sometimes give him some free gym shoes. He was always a good kid who grew into a great player and a great person. So these charges don't reflect the Isiah I've grown to know over the years.

We've had instances in the past, but not to this extent. This park is set aside for all citizens in the United States to enjoy, and when people do that, it really detracts from the enjoyment of this public place and this natural wonder.