What we want to do is create a reference guideline.

It'll be a quick fall harvest.

When we drove out, there was some fresh snow, but the roads were not icy. You could see the tire tracks where he left the black pavement and just drove straight into the Cessna.

The whole town won't be able to sleep until he is apprehended.

To see this damage and to hear such a unique and great possession like this had been destroyed was just crushing. Today's been full of a lot of memories, just about all the wonderful flights that I had taken in the aircraft and my history with it.

We're very pleased to see both the shipping lines and the union recognize Alaska's unique dependence on shipping, ... Everything from the Sunday funnies to election pamphlets were affected by this lockout. There is no rail line and only one highway, and it would cost about twice as much and take considerably longer.

All in all, it was just an average season.

In the long term, Bristol is not going to grow by having a novelist approach to their legal strategy.

This injunction puts many communities of fisherman out of work by forcing them to fish 20 miles offshore in dangerous waters.