"Robert “Bob” Harrell" was an American football coach. He coached at the High school football/high school and College football/collegiate level in Texas and Oklahoma.

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The trend for leisure fares has been upward all summer (averaging 16% more than a year ago), and it's continuing through the fall.

What are the practical benefits of getting dinged by six different airlines on your computer at the same time?

On a net, net, net basis, if you look at all the increases this year and look at after the sale, ... fares are 8 percent higher than a year ago. So for all the hoopla and concern, the airlines are making more money than a year ago.

I couldn't assign any blame to passengers, ... except there are not enough of them, and they don't pay enough.

Could increase the demand for holiday travel, because people want to be home with their families.

While you have to factor in seasonality, the fact is that the lowest fares are on the rise, ... Low-fare carriers are responding to improving economic conditions and are taking advantage of increased demand.

If something happened while the beach is full, I don't know how everybody would get out, ... We need to put it on the front burner.

None of the big carriers offer low pricing unless they are forced to.

Asia is a battleground now. United has been there since buying its routes from Pan Am. American is the relative new kid on the block.