"Robert Douglas Gorman" was an Australian politician and a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly between 1933 and 1950. During his parliamentary career he was, at various times a member of the Australian Labor Party,the Australian Labor Party (NSW) and the Australian Labor Party (Non-Communist) .

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Gladys would often know what you wanted before you ordered it. She was sincerely interested in what you had to say. When she asked a question, she clearly cared about the answer.

I don't feel threatened at all. I feel it's an opportunity for the small mom and pop wineries that don't make enough wine to interest any of the wholesale distributors to now have an outlet.

It's an outstanding program. Hopefully we'll be expanding it in Southeast and the rest of the state. I'm going up to Bethel next month to talk to them about starting a program. In a couple of years we could see groups like this all over the state.