"Robert "Bob" Goodman" is an American boxing matchmaker, publicist and promoter. He is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. since 2009, the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.(2009) and the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, since 1990 and recipient of the prestigious Boxing Writers Association of America’s James J. Walker Memorial Award for Long and Meritorious Service to Boxing in 1980.

He is the son of Murray Goodman,also in the International Boxing Hall of Fame, New

Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame and Walker Award recipient. Bob Goodman also served as Vice President and Matchmaker for Madison Square Garden from 1985 to 1994. They are the only father-son to have received all of those honors.

He also spent twenty-five years with Don King (boxing promoter)/Don King Productions serving in many capacities – Vice President, Boxing Operations, Matchmaker, and Director of Public Relations.

Goodman was also the President of his own company, Garden State Boxing, where they

promoted many world champions.

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I think it's admirable.

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