It's good to be first on some things, but sometimes it's bad. We're interested in getting (the synthetic surface) perfect. We'll keep experimenting on how best we can do that.

You'll never see a sloppy, frozen or muddy track.

We just wanted to let the lieutenant governor know what is going on with KEEP, what we anticipate our legislative proposal will be. We wanted to give him the courtesy of a face-to-face meeting ... and how we are shaping our proposal.

I don?t know that we would accomplish a whole lot more.

I don't think any of us believe a specific piece of legislation will address (all of our) issues.

There are allied interests seeing the broader benefit of gaming.

We had a first-class array of trainers and jockeys on that day, and I was a little apprehensive.

This is broader than the horse industry.

This is an opportunity for our members to immerse themselves in the political process in Frankfort. Will it help? I hope so, because we have a message that needs to be told.