"Australian Senate/Senator"

/ honorific-suffix = Officer of the Order of Australia/AO

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/ office = Australian Senate/Senator for South Australia

/ term_start = 1 July 2014

/ term_end =

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/ constituency =

/ majority =

/ birth_name = Robert John Day

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/ death_date =

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/ nationality = Australian

/ party = Family First Party/Family First

/ residence =

/ religion = Christianity

/ alma_mater =

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/ profession = Businessman

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/ website = [http://www.bobday.com.au bobday.com.au]

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I was astonished that five council people would put their opinions above the 7,000 people who voted to have two-year terms starting in 2004, ... As mayor, I'll abide by the decision of the council, but I am also a private citizen and a constituent of John Garner, and I will defend my right to vote in May 2006.

I did meet with him. I said he had made a mistake and that people were talking about recalling him.

At the public hearing, opponents will have the opportunity to present their side, and we will again present the need for officers on the street.

Medicaid is not a generous program in terms of who can receive services. We aren't a state that has a lot of fluff in the program in terms of who we cover.

The other times, we just preached at you, ... This time around, it's like you're getting christened in church. This is the full immersion version.

Garland's citizens are to be commended for their outpouring of generosity, ... I encourage everyone to continue volunteering, giving donations and praying for our Gulf Coast neighbors who must now rebuild their lives.

The aged and disabled population makes up about 20 percent of Medicaid and they use 60 to 70 percent of the expenditures.

The easy way would have been for me to just let the issue die.

I've known about this little guy for 20 years, ... It's just a tough little plant. It's not much to look at, but it's one of my favorite things out here.