Bob Bradley
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"Robert "Bob" Bradley" is an American association football coach. He is the current Manager (association football)/manager of Stabæk Fotball/Stabæk in Norway's Tippeligaen.

He previously managed the Egypt national football team/Egypt and the United States men's national soccer team. Before taking over the United States football national team in December 2006, he coached in the American College soccer/college game and Major League Soccer, managing the Chicago Fire Soccer Club/Chicago Fire, New York Red Bulls/MetroStars, and C.D. Chivas USA/Chivas USA over nine seasons.

His son, Michael Bradley (soccer)/Michael, is a professional footballer who plays for Major League Soccer/MLS club Toronto FC and the U.S. national team.

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That's the reason why we brought him (here), because we felt that he can bring those types of special qualities to our team. ... I think it's been great to see.

It takes a lot of work to come back from two goals. I thought we had some good chances. At the end you are looking for a miracle and we got one.

Not good goals, obviously a ball turned over early in the first half and Ryan Pore was able to get Jeff on the wrong foot and Tony was cheating a little bit, thinking that the ball was coming across and he got caught. We worked hard to get back to 1-1. Now to continue that push and keep the game even until we get chances to win. Again, early in the second half, it was a tough goal to give up.

A sea of humanity. What a wonderful sight to see at the start.

It's like any other game. Early on it will be a battle to see which team can get the edge, can impose itself on the other team. They'll enter the game with more optimism, excited about some new talent. But then it's our job, especially at home, to get on top of them in a way that takes that factor out of the picture.

It gave us a chance to focus on getting people healthy and focus on improving. I'm not sure it would have been our choice but that's how it went.

Last weekend was a weekend when a few results kept things very tight. I still believe that it says a lot about the conference that everybody's grouped so closely and that really winning a game at the right time, making a couple of plays at the right time, those are the things that really will determine the standings and the playoff pairings.

Youri was not pleased with the way he played early on. He seems to raise his level of play when most needed.

I think you have to make it a two-way game that puts them under pressure and highlights some of the areas where they are not as strong. Give them credit. They've had a good season. They're a balanced team and work hard. They've got a bunch of players that have been together, know each other and seem to have fun playing together.